celluliteCellulite is a situation where the skin has some fat deposits lying underneath it, this is usually seen as a dimple, clumsy appearance. Cellulite is very much seen on the thighs as well as the buttocks, it tends to manifest after puberty in man.

In a medical scope, cellulite is also referred to in the following terms;

celluliteIt  is however also referred to as ‘orange peel syndrome, hail damage, cottage cheese skin,
most of the times Cellulite is grouped into 3 categories;

Category 1: Cellulite discerns no clinical manifestations, but a microscopic test of cells from the spot detects foundation anatomical changes.


Category 2nd: It desires that skin reveal pallor (pastiness), be of lower temperature, as well as having reduced elasticity, all this in addition to anatomical changes recorded by microscopic test.

Category 3: Roughness of skin is evident and this is visible to the sight (just as orange peel) alongside the other 2 category stated above.

This skin manifestation called cellulite is applicable to both sexes. But the truth is that the females are most affected, especially due to the fact that females are more prone to get fattened.

What prompts cellulite?

The main causes of dimpled skin have not well been approved, but existing is many different theories which have been put forth in order to explain the skin wrinkle, below are some of the theories regarding cellulite;

  • Hormonal factors: – when talking of dimpled skin our hormones play a vital role in the development. Most people believe insulin, estrogen, thyroid hormones, noradrenaline and prolactin are involved in the production process of cellulite.
  • Genetics: – for the development of fat under the skin certain special genes are required. Genes may make a person liable to traits associated with the development of cellulite, which includes race, gender, slow metabolism, fat distribution right underneath the human flesh, and circulatory failure to measure up.
  • Diet: – people who consume too much of fat, foods rich in starchy foods or salt and very little fiber components are liable to have larger amounts of cellulite.
  • Lifestyle influence: – cellulite may be more evident in smokers, those who live without having workout, and those sitting and standing in a position for a very long period of time are qualified to experience cellulite.
  • Clothing: – when the underwear been worn across the buttocks is of tight elastic, it limits the flow of blood and contributes to the development of dimpled skin.

Who Does Cellulite affects?

Cellulite is such that affects 90% of women and 10% of men, especially in industrial countries. When a woman starts getting to her menopause, her estrogen starts to decrease. Age range of 25 to 35 is the stage where cellulite begins to surface. Estrogen has a very high impact in our blood vessels. In human when estrogen begins to get reduced, receptors in thighs and blood vessels are loosened, therefore bringing about a decrease in the circulation of blood. Decrease in circulation makes one to have less of oxygen and the nutrients required however there is a reduction in collagen manufacturing. At this very point one starts to witness larger fat cells, this transform into cellulite gradually.

Cellulite in women is witnessed oftentimes around the saddlebags, knees and buttocks, due to the availability of the 3 layer of fat present in this area. A woman also possesses 3 levels of fats in their triceps.

Reasons women get more cellulite compared to men?

cellulite The collagen structure, i.e. the connective tissues of the main protein, in women appears in the form of a picket fence. And in men is appearance like a cross-linked fence. However the cross-linked structure is very much tougher this therefore holds fat stronger.

The adrenergic receptor is another reason women get cellulite more than men. This alpha receptor being stimulated causes the production of fat cells. However when the beta receptors get stimulated, fat is being broken down. In women every one beta receptor equals nine alpha receptors in the thighs.


Estrogen performs the buildup of fat whereas testosterone dissolute fats. Therefore a woman’s body easily tends to buildup fats and as a result causes the accumulation of collagen. Men on the other hand had only one layer of fat.  Men is having one layer of fat especially throughout the entire body.

In recent days seeing younger women developing cellulite even at the age range of 13-19. How do we describe this? Over secretion of estrogen helps enlarge fat cells. Therefore every fattened woman ought to know she is having a domineering estrogen…this means estrogen is made bulky in there body.

Do you want to know if your diet could influence cellulite?

Diet is very critical when it comes to fat in the body. Very importantly we need to consider our breakfast as it is very essential. Most food eaten are rich in calories, therefore by working-out we tend to burn this calories. Burning of fat after you’ve eaten that wonderful meal then sitting down for the whole day in the office only fetches one dimpled skin.

Want to control those hiding fats?

In the ancient times, most women covered their body right from the waist down to the feet. So we knew not weather they  were living with dimpled skin. Thou they were very much active then, therefore no form of accumulated fat were witness by them. But, nowadays our women work in office where they sit the whole day. They get tired of this especially when they are battling with cellulite but the money made from that job is very important. People want to get active especially with their job; the truth is the jobs are not permissive.

Getting to knowing this I tried going through to see if I could get a remedy or a control to it. However I came across a program called ‘truth about cellulite’. I got to know everything about cellulite…. I actually did make recommendation of this program. Therefore if you want to put an end to those underlying fats, then you should know the truth about cellulite.

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