Every day we get to hear people dying of diabetes. Yet people still lack the rightful information that could put an end to the ever rising blood sugar disease. Doctors and diabetes help experts have actually been doing wonderful jobs to reach out to people in order to ascertain a diabetes free community. To know how critical diabetes prevalence could get, just some few weeks back the ADA (American Diabetes Association) estimated that by the end of 2020 half of the entire population of the United States would begin living diabetic. So, the only true way to avoid this is by reaching out to people with healthy ways to ensure a diabetes free nation. Remember, not only will the Americans going to get affected. Other continents including; African, Asians, Europeans and the rest of them are not left out.

Foods are a major role player causing diabetes but still eating healthy is very crucial and important. Virtually everybody knows that some five fruits had been recommended by health experts for daily consumptions. But, after years of further investigation, it has been discovered that the human body needs twice the stipulated 5 type of fruits. Do you know that there exist certain vegetables and fruits to manage blood sugar naturally?  Apart from managing diabetes these fruits also help keep the body in a perfect shape. Research has however discovered that any fruit having 55 or less glycemic index is considered safe for diabetic patients.

As one true means to fight diabetes prevalence, you will know ten wholesome fruits with low glycemic index. These fruits will help with stabilizing your blood sugar level. And of course provide your body with adequate fiber, vitamins, and minerals needed to keep fit and healthy at all times.

Peachfruits to manage blood sugar

Peach is one fruit loved by almost every human race. Yet the smells of a ripe one could get really intriguing. But, do you know peach comes with a glycemic index rating of 42 thus consider safe for the diabetic.

If you are looking for a fruit fully packed with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, plus immune boosting vitamins c. Peach is a very good one to reckon with. However, natural peach is best one of the fruits to manage blood sugar and not the canned ones already soaked in fructose corn syrup.

Grapefruitsfruits to manage blood sugar

Grapefruits can be a bit tart yet they are a very rich source of antioxidants because of its high content of vitamin C. Eating of more antioxidant containing foods is highly advised. Therefore you can begin boosting your immune system thus supporting the fight against all sorts of infections. In the same manner, the body gets protected from the effect of free radicals. Flavonoids are important regimen for all diabetic patients. This is because it revives insulin sensitivity from time to time. The Grapefruits has a very good amount of flavonoids thus help in maintaining a healthy body weight. Grapefruits have a glycemic index of about 50 in a whole ball.

Apples –fruits to manage blood sugar

The content of element present in apple makes it a healthy choice of fruits to manage blood sugar naturally. Apple fruit comes with pectin and of course dietary fiber. Pectin is, however, an element that gradually breaks down within the body system but helps the total insulin level required thou.

Pectin does these four things to human body;

  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Blood sugar reduction
  • Bowel function improvement
  • And it the inflammatory property it possesses

Recently Quercetin got discovered on the skin of apples and it has the ability to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Apples are known with a glycemic index of 38 which make it another good fruit to manage blood sugar.

Black-Plumsfruits to manage blood sugar

A diabetes loophole eBook talks about the natural ability of black-plums to help in the control of blood sugar. Plums contain 3 key elements which are highly beneficial to every diabetic patient. They are; tannins, anthocyanin, and ellagic acid. Bowel movements are helped by plums thus helping the body’s digestive process.

Avocado –fruits to manage blood sugar

Avocados have been found a good stabilizer of blood sugar thus making it one of the many fruits to manage blood sugar. However, this is a fruit high in monounsaturated fatty acid and also fiber. These components in avocados help reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications.

Oranges –fruits to manage blood sugar

Hence, this is one fruit need in its raw form and not the processed form for any type 2 diabetes patients. The glycemic index of orange is ranging between 30 -50. Apart that orange has a high content of fiber which also plays a role in maintaining your blood sugar naturally. Vitamin C is another nutrient found in orange and it prevents the body from infections. Oranges are best supports for the body’s immune system.

Kiwi –fruits to manage blood sugar

Does this sound any familiar? I’m sure only few people would know about this type of fruit as one to manage blood sugar. Kiwi is one tart small fruit found to support the maintenance of a healthy blood sugar level. However, it is a good source of potassium, beta-carotene, and fiber. The sizes of Kiwis cause them to range in the glycemic index but they usually range from 47-58.

Pears –fruits to manage blood sugar

Both old and young love to take pear. This is a fruit high in vitamins and fiber thus they help with causing stability to blood sugar. It seems the fruit with the least glycemic index in the list of fruits to manage blood sugar.

Strawberries –fruits to manage blood sugar

This is one classy fruit nobody would love to miss. Taking strawberries not only helps with managing blood sugar effectively but also prevent other health challenging with the source from high blood sugar. It helps prevent diabetes retinopathy. It has a GI of about 44.1.

Guava –fruits to manage blood sugar

In America Guava is not really a common fruit that can be found in almost everywhere. Yet it is a diabetic healthy fruit. It is known with for it high fiber and lycopene content. These are items strong enough to keep the blood sugar healthy. By now I believe the American society for diabetes is already taking actions about the reduced state of guava within the provinces.

However, as much as all these fruits can help in the management of blood sugar, carefully consideration still needs to be taken. Like we know that too much of everything is bad, diabetes loophole program explain the important of ADI (Acceptable daily intake). However, this implies that taking an excess of all the above fruits won’t help but only worsen diabetic conditions.

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