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Foods nutrients vary with levels of fat, carbs, sodium, and even calories. However, these variations cause increased risk of heart disease, high cholesterol. As with the case of diabetic patients research discovered that like some foods promote diabetes so also do we have foods helping to naturally reverse diabetes. Reed Wilson, a man who embarked on a journey for diabetic patients. He discovered some facts which he reveals in his diabetes loophole program. These are facts causing doctors to have to deal more with people who had become diabetic. Will you agree with me that 90% of diabetic cases originate from unhealthy eating habits? Yet people still keep trending the unhealthy eating path. They claim to derive pleasure eating these foods whereas the reverse is the case. A lot of people have been trying to get a cure for diabetes but all efforts still futile. Do you know ignorance is the only thing that would cause a diabetes community to thrive?

Being a diabetic patient doesn’t mean you should starve or deprive yourself of foods. But, the very important thing is that you are able to know the right food for you and as such the healthy ones. There are certain foods that should never be touched nor consumed even if you are diabetic or not. Foods of this category contain high level of saturated fats, calories, sodium or even carbs, some even contain trans-fat. The American Diabetes Association found heart disease to originate from the consumption of high level of saturated fat and sodium. But excess sugar added calories and high carbs foods lead to blood sugar rise and weight gain.

On this page, you will have a vast knowledge of those foods to avoid with diabetes and of course those healthy enough to help reverse diabetes. However, below you have a list of well-researched list of seven foods every diabetic patient should avoid. Moreover, this should help with enabling a diabetes free world.

Coffee Drinks –Diabetic patient

As simple as a cup of joe is, thus having a little milk or even half and half of the ingredients. This is described as perfect for every diabetic patient because of their low-calorie content. But, today we have coffee shops promoting drinks with high calorie, fat and carb content. Any coffee drink that comes in this manner is said to be unhealthy for every diabetic patient. Let’s quickly take a constituent look at the compositing of these two;

Dunkaccino: It contains about 350cals, 16grams of fats, 13grams of saturated fat, 320mg of sodium, 51grams carbohydrate and 10mg of cholesterol.

The Starbuck’s White Chocolate Mocha (accompanied by whipped cream): 470cals, 18grams in total fat, 12grams saturated fat, 63grams carbohydrate and 50mg cholesterol.

Thus, we have better and healthier alternatives that would keep you healthy apart from the above mentioned. You could try the cinnamon spiced chocolate drink, chai recipe, and iced mocha recipe.

Sausage Gravy and Biscuits –Diabetic patient

Oftentimes, these two are considered bad boy as they come as part of the breakfast buffet. Gravy and locally made biscuits are extremely high in their calorie, sodium and fat content. Take, for instance, McDonald’s Biscuit & Gravy sums up to about a total of 570 calories and also 13 g of saturated fat. To you, this quantity of fat may seem reasonable to you yet the American Diabetes Association postulates eating about 7% less of calorie (saturated fat). Taking this food often is not healthy when embarking on the journey to cure diabetes. However, instead of the sausage gravy and biscuits, you could consider some healthy ones has revealed in the diabetes loophole PDF guide.

Battered fish as dinner –Diabetic patient

Fish is generally termed a safe choice when it comes to managing diabetes and weight gain. But, it all depends on your method of preparation and side dishes. A very good one to avoid as such is a breaded fish meal accompanied with side dishes containing coleslaw, fries and hush puppies. However, every single component of this particular dish is strong enough to increase the population of diabetes patients around the world.

Fruit JuicesDiabetic patient

One of the foods every diabetic patient should desist from is fruit juice. This is because they can be very high in sugar and calorie thus causing blood sugar spike often. Thus, reading labels on the pack of fruit juice for every diabetic patient is highly important. Reed Wilson reveals secrets one how to check labels of food packages in the diabetes loophole accelerator you might have heard of. Some fruit juices are containing a high amount of calories, sugar, and carbs, thus unhealthy for most diabetic patients.

Deep fried Chinese foods –Diabetic patient

This is one of a smart food selection choice especially when chances begets that you eat out or take away. However, if for any reason you decide to go Asian then you need to check properly. Asian chicken dishes are good food choice yet most comes with as high as 400 calories, and of course 44g carbs per serving. Do not forget that most still comes with an added amount of 200 calories and 44 grams of cards in the steamed white rich which is a major of the food package. So, diabetic patient especially should desist from consuming foods like this. But, in exceptional cases, if foods like this come with broccoli then it can be chosen once in blue moon.

French Fries from Restaurants –

Diabetic patient

Generally, a lot of health researchers are preaching against the daily consumption of fast foods. Instead of natural homemade prepared foods are highly advised. French fries come with a high level of saturated fat, calories, and sodium. Although as a result of the series of diabetes campaigns most fast food outlets now produce foods free from Trans fats. However, if for any reason you crave for French fries choosing a healthy alternative is best.

Cookies –Diabetic patient

Virtually everyone loves cookies especially those sold at grocery stores. Most of these cookies have sprinkles or chocolate chips which harbor Trans-fats. Fructose corn syrups, butter, margarine, hydrogenated oil are a major supplier of trans-fat to our foods. However, these are the constituent elements of most cookies. To save the continuing health hazard. Most of these foods caused the United States food & drug administration to reveal some foods. Those with a high level of trans-fat. But, eating home-made cookies is a good choice as long as they constitute healthy ingredients.

In conclusion, we have series of unhealthy foods. Those hindering our quest on reversing type 2 diabetes, weight loss goals. Yet leads to further health complications. The border you seek for knowledge on these unhealthy foods the better. I believe once you know what kills you’ll definitely desist from it. But, I hope this article would inform you well-enough on things. Such that you should begin trending to promote a diabetes free generation.

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