7 Powerful Protein Shakes for Diabetic Patientsdiabetic patients

These days’ proteins shake and smoothies are what most people crave for lately. This is because people are beginning to get exposed to the quantity and quality of drinks contained in these powerful blends of drinks. For diabetic patients, a diabetic revelation eBook exclaimed the effect protein shakes have on blood sugar state.

But little do you know shying away from drinks such as this isn’t necessary. Right there on the internet, we have a countless number of diabetic friendly recipes. But, right here you’ll have access to eight remarkable proteins shakes never to miss out on if you are diabetic. Just so you know, we have healthy shakes and smoothies meant to assist one’s blood sugar regulatory process.

What are the formulations of protein drinks?

All protein drinks are formulated from protein power plus liquids although depends on your own personal dietary allowance. However, some of these liquids could be:

  • H2O (Water)
  • Dairy Milk
  • Rice milk
  • Seed Milk
  • Nut milk

For ads in the above liquid types you could have the following as ads;

Fresh veggies, sweeteners, fresh fruits are other healthy ingredients serving as ads to protein shakes. As far as diabetes is concerned there is no one food that shouldn’t get attention. However, it is important that refined carbs be limited in order not to spike the blood sugar level.

There are certain fat accompanied by carbs that may promote slow digestion. Of course, this can reduce the total length of time required by sugar to get into the bloodstream. Here are some sources of fat that taste great in protein shakes, they include;

  • Avocados
  • Flaxseed
  • Chia seed
  • Raw nuts
  • Nut Butters
  • Hemp seeds

Adding fiber to your protein shakes is another way to slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. The likes of chia seed, wheat, oatmeal etc are rich fiber food substance and of course friendly at same time.

There are certain diabetic protein drinks that require the add-up of stevia or maple syrup. These two are rich in sugar but should be included or enjoyed in a bit. However, it is advised that when a protein shake calls for sweeteners kindly use them sparingly.

Have you been in search of diabetic protein shakes? Here are 8 most wanted drinks found to help a diabetic condition;

Peanut butter & jelly Protein shake

diabetic patients

It has been discovered that regular consumption of peanut butter plus jelly sandwich and sugar jelly coupled with high carbohydrate bread by diabetic patients is inadvisable.  However, a research team now discovered a healthier shake providing a triple dose of creamy protein shakes from a dashing dish.

A composition of protein powder, cottage cheese and peanut butter coupled with low sugar jam with the best lowest quantity of sweetening. This is one recipe you need to get.

French toast protein shakediabetic patients

Usually French toast is usually having a powdered sugar on it and of course often drenched in syrup. Therefore, this is not a diabetic friendly food if you care to know. However, a protein shake of this formula but without sugar comes to your rescue.  You still get to enjoy the French feel even without added sugar syrup. The main ingredient needed for the French feel includes some protein powder, cottage cheese, stevia and a little touch of maple syrup to add little sweetness.

Rice protein shakediabetic patients

Interesting isn’t it? Rice we all know is a carb diet. But this rice protein shake is an alternative and comes with fresh fruits. Included in this shake is flaxseed which makes up the fiber content therein. Borage oil is one element found in rice protein shake and it serves anti-inflammatory agents.

A pregnant woman should avoid consummation of borage oil as it harms the digestive process. If for any reason you shouldn’t take borage oil you could leave it out of your recipes. Get more information about this in a diabetic revelation online program.

Apple cinnamon soya drinkdiabetic patients

This is another blend of protein shake made from apple cubes so rich in fiber. This is a blend of soy and dairy milk plus some sprinkling of cinnamon. If you are so particular about your blood sugar state fresh apple is a good choice to make.

Soy Smoothiediabetic patients

This type of protein shake is best for the vegetarians as a diabetes self-management plan. The shake is made from soy, milk, and tofu. Also, some ads include; strawberries, little banana plus almond extract which adds some flavor. Silken tofu is worth given a trial if you haven’t before.

High protein with no sugar chocolate smoothiediabetic patients

This is a perfect blend for your chocolate cravings; this smoothie is a combination of almond milk, protein powder, and cottage cheese. The chocolate is from unsweetened cocoa powder.

Strawberry banana smoothie

Most people love having bowls of strawberries and bananas all to themselves constantly. Yet these are fruits that could be blended with almond milk, yogurt and bit of stevia. The result of this is a protein smoothie best for diabetic patients. There are numerous ways to comes up with added healthy flavor once you get familiar with this.

All of the above isn’t just limited to diabetic patients alone, they are an all healthy smoothie that helps in keeping the health well enough for daily activities. With all of the above seven protein smoothies for diabetic patients, there is still a need for something – Diabetic Revelation EBook. A help and an eye opener to all diabetic patient.













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