8 TASTY FOODS TO AVOID WITH TYPE 2 DIABETESfoods to avoid with type 2 diabetes

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We know that diabetes, obesity, heart attack, cancer and other chronic diseases now pose threats thus claiming lives of people.  Today, we would be focusing more on diabetes as a major pandemic in our society. I saw a need to open our eyes to those foods to avoid with type 2 diabetes. This is because the American Diabetes Association estimated the cases of type 2 diabetes to a level of 40% in the overall population. As much as this estimate looks too real, I still think every single being should check their blood sugar level. I see this as one simple safety measure to promote a diabetes free community.

Firstly, let me ask you these questions. Have you ever sat to think of the origin of diabetes itself? Do you think diabetes has any relationship with other killer diseases? And again do you think there are true ways to manage diabetes and reverse type 2 diabetes? Every of these questions needs rightful answers, thus, this page will focus more on the origin of diabetes and how diabetes can be reversed. Foods that spike blood sugar level are the actual origin of diabetes. Therefore tweaking these foods can help reverse type 2 diabetes. But, reversing diabetes is not to mare you from your favorites but could attract some slight balancing. A diabetes loophole eBook found has some information that helps with food tweaking to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally.

Maintenance of Diabetes

High Blood sugar generally known as Diabetes needs daily maintenance. Therefore, this includes;

  • Constant monitoring of blood sugar
  • Regular exercising
  • Daily checks for diabetes signs and symptoms
  • And of course consumption of healthy diet.

Being diabetic or related to any diabetic patient, going through all of the above maintenance processes could get really demanding to trust me. Yet, these are the basic path to trend if you one really wants to live a diabetes free life. But, the whole process can only get easier with a handful of right information. Not only does having handful information help. Having the right diabetes team of experts to help you is an added advantage to your diabetes freedom. Like I revealed in the earlier part of this article, this page will focus more how to reverse diabetes. There are real tasty foods to avoid with type 2 diabetes. So, therefore, avoiding these tasty foods plus other maintenance approaches can help stabilize blood sugar level for as long as possible

Here are 8 tasty foods to avoid with type 2 diabetes;foods to avoid with type 2 diabetes

Food high in sugar –

Sweets, Soda, dessert, and host of other foods made primarily from processed sugar are unhealthy. This is because of the low quality of carbohydrates they contain. These foods not only lack nutritive values.  But they cause a spike to blood sugar level and of course support weight gain. Yet, these two risks only support further diabetes complications. Instead of choosing this tooth satisfying sweet you could opt for healthy delicious fruits. These include; apples, orange, and even pears. These are fruits having potential carbohydrates well enough to supply fiber. And same time controls your blood sugar.

Fruit Juice

Just as whole fruits rich in fiber content help people with diabetes. The fruit juice is another different story. Doctors and health researchers have advised that diabetes patients should avoid consumption of fruit drinks. Not only should it be packaged fruit juice, 100% juice also inclusive. Although fruit juice contains more natural features the fruit’s sugar is highly concentrated therein. And like we know that the presence of the fruit sugar would only spike blood sugar. If you see a need to take drinks going for zero calorie drinks or that seltzer with a sprinkling of lemon looks good enough.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits hold good level fiber and nutrients. However, dried fruits consumption is better compared to eating of cookies. But do you know that your blood sugar can still experience hiking? This is because of the presence of raisins. Instead of sticking to low glycemic index fresh fruits is wiser.

Bread, White rich or Flour –

Although every of these foods is considered low carbs diet. But do you know that they still act like sugar? Therefore once they get into the blood stream the body’s glucose level increases. Hence, it is wise to replace white carbs with wild or brown rice, cereals, barley, whole grain bread all of which are referred to as whole grains. All of these usually has less effect on the content of sugar in our blood.

Dairy food with full fat –

I guess you’ve probably heard of how saturated fat contained in most dairy foods can increase your body’s LDL cholesterol. Also, you might have heard of how it can also boost your chances of having heart diseases. Research also found same saturated fats to cause more harm than good to people with diabetes. Foods containing high saturated fats can make your insulin resistance get worsened. However, taking food free from fats or even fewer fats would do a lot of good in reversing type 2 diabetes. I found a hand full of them in a diabetes loophole accelerator guide.  Note this, you might also need to disapprove or disengage yourself from talking fat cuts of meats. This is because they have a high level of cholesterol.

Baked foods and Packaged snacks –

Most people find it difficult to do with this category of food in one day. However, we forget that these foods have a good level of trans-fat. Abusing the consumption of baked and packaged foods increases the risk of diabetes as well as other related diseases. No one has said eating of packaged foods is a crime, yet you need to check the labels to know which is best. An online eBook titled the diabetes loophole explains reading of foods labels better.

Fried foods –

Most people crave for fried foods because of the tasty feel yet it is one of the many tasty foods to avoid with type 2 diabetes. Unmonitored eating of French fries and the likes jam-packs the body with extra calories. However, in the process blood sugar chaos can thrive. If you are a type 2 diabetic patient trans-fat is not a fat to be identified with.

Alcoholic drinks –

The alcoholic industries testify to the huge number of people drinking their brands of drinks. This is to explain that many people are fond of taking and consuming alcoholic beverages. For you to reverse your diabetes condition you might need to consult with your doctor as in the aspect of drinking alcoholic beverages.

Diabetes management is one very comforting task. However, it’s best to stick to the right plan to avoid your further health complications. If you are not diabetic yet or you don’t have anyone who is diabetes – Good for you!. But do you know you might need to get more careful? I want to leave you in the hand of the eBook I revealed earlier. It will sure help get better at those tasty foods to avoid with type 2 diabetes











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