The Diabetes loophole by Reed Wilson Discusses 12 dietary changes for type 2 diabetes.

When once we are sure of our diagnosis that we have diabetes, albeit type 2, we begin to look for the best route of trying to fight it. The solutions might come in different forms, like taking your medication religiously.

Also keeping to all medical appointments, being more active, trying to use a workable program and most importantly, paying attention to what you eat or not. 

Researchers think that dietary changes for type 2 diabetes patient is a great way to assist those living with this illness since whatever they eat, how much and when they eat them affect glucose which is blood sugar.

The best way to manage diabetes as a whole despite its type is to understand how food affects blood glucose and go for dietary changes for type 2 diabetes meal plans that can assist in keeping blood glucose levels on track.

Another thing is that having type 2 diabetes points to the fact one’s body doesn’t control the blood glucose correctly. The problem is that when blood glucose stays too high in the body, of course, serious health problems must arise which type 2 diabetes is one of it.

Is Making Dietary Changes That Effective For Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

The culprit when it comes to diabetes generally is glucose or blood sugar and where this glucose does comes from, of course, it is from the foods we eat which the body uses for energy.

When it travels from the bloodstream to the cells it is then called blood glucose or blood sugar, so diabetes comes in when this glucose is higher than usual in one’s blood especially when one doesn’t have enough insulin that will move this glucose through the cells and when the cells don’t even respond to insulin.

So in the case of type 2 diabetes, the cells don’t respond to insulin as they should, so the pancreas works hard to move glucose into cells and overtime too, because of this stress on the pancreas it becomes damaged and can no longer make enough insulin to meet the body’s needs.

So with this problem, glucose can’t move into the cells, and blood sugar remains high in the body, and when this happens, health complications arises like nerve damage and kidney diseases.

So people need to watch what they eat because our food choices can either prevent or promote insulin resistance, which brings about diabetes type 2. So dietary changes for type 2 diabetes will be beneficial, for people living with type 2 diabetics.

12 Dietary changes for type 2 diabetes

It is pertinent to make dietary changes for type 2 diabetes that are realistic and achievable; according to the information provided by the diabetes loophole book.

Type 2 diabetes doesn’t stop one from eating, but it good to know the healthier options and inculcating the habit of eating more of it. These healthy dietary options changes will assist one living with diabetes type 2

  1.  –Lower carbohydrates intake

No food groups have multiplier effects on our blood glucose level like carbohydrates when once one eat carbohydrates foods, the blood glucose rises.

Carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, fried foods, sweet foods, etc. though essential for the body when eaten can immediately raise the blood glucose high, so it better that carbohydrates shouldn’t be outrightly eliminated but should be taken in low quantities.

2. –Eat insulin-producing food:

 What causes diabetes type 2 is the lack of enough insulin in the body, so this is one area that needs dietary changes for type 2 diabetes. So the wise thing is to match the amount of carbohydrates food eaten with the level of insulin so that it will be able to move glucose from the blood to the cells in the body. Food like red cabbage, okra, bitter lemon can be consumed more for help.

3.  –Increase fiber intake:

This is another area that needs dietary changes for type 2 diabetes, especially for patients that take less of it. Eating food that contains fiber help controls blood sugar levels in diabetic people.

Soluble fiber like oat bran, peas, lentils, and seeds aids to slow down the absorption of sugar and lead to preventing of type 2 diabetes. More information can be gathered from reading the diabetes loophole by Reed Wilson.

4.  –Dump processed food:

If you are a huge consumer of processed food like fries, burger, sandwich, etc. then it time for a dietary change because you are damaging your kidney by producing more blood sugar and the pancreas is working overtime putting you at more risk. As discussed in diabetes loophole pdf, it is better to eat natural raw foods than baked goods.

5.  –Have a meal schedule

Experts in the field of nutrition are of the view that eating one’s meal at the same time and having equal quantities too daily will help keep, control and stabilize the blood sugar.

So this is a beneficial dietary change for type 2 diabetes. People living with it should try this out for about 30 days to see an effective result.

6.   –Avoid added sugar on food:

Researchers have opined that sugar is the primary driver of type 2 diabetes. It was found out that added sugar in the form of fructose is very harmful to the liver. Fructose helps in boosting fat accumulation in the liver, so this leads to inflammation and insulin resistance. Taking honey is a lot better.

7. –Increase intake of wholesome foods:

The diabetes loophole by Reed Wilson reveals that taking mostly wholesome foods like brown rice; wheat in any form, oatmeal can help with type 2 diabetes. If you never used to include it in your meal plan, it’s high time you begin to have this on your menu.

8.   –Reduce the intake of sugary drinks

Fizzy drinks and other sugary drinks contain a lot of sugar and it definitely not good with type 2 diabetes, so there should be a drastic reduction in its consumption if you can’t outrightly dump it but one can make do with hot chocolate, lemonade, apple cider, etc. but no sugar should be added to it.

9. –Take more water

Water is one of the things you should drink if you have diabetes. This is one of the simple dietary changes for type 2 diabetes. One with high blood glucose, like type 2 diabetic patients should drink more water. The kidney will always need the water to flush out excess glucose. Experts said about eight 200ml glasses of water should be taken daily for effectiveness.

10.  –Eat fiber-packed fruits

For type 2 diabetes, not all type of fruits should be taken especially fruits that are just sugary and has no fiber. Fruits that have fibers serve as antioxidants and very healthy options for type 2 diabetes. These fruits include pineapple, berries, grapes, papaya, etc.

11.   –Garnish your meals with veggies

Dietary changes for type 2 diabetes includes eating vegetables with low GI score as written in the diabetes loophole pdf. These are raw plants that are packed full of properties that help to lower blood sugar and its spikes. Vegetables like broccoli, green beans, lettuce, and eggplant are great veggies that can help fight type 2 diabetes.

12.    –Lower intake of red and processed meats

High intake of meat, especially red and processed meat, can increase the chance of one having type2 diabetes and as such, there should be a dietary change. Instead, lean meat like chicken wings, fish, and Cornish hen without skin can be a better choice for the body.


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