Hormonal Imbalance: 6 ways Sugar Disrupts the Power of Hormones

It’s an already established fact that excess consumption of sugar has an adverse effect on the body and is responsible for serious health conditions ranging from diabetes, obesity and finally infertility.

Despite all these factors, few studies actually highlight the effect of sugar in hormonal imbalance and why it’s important to keep the level of hormones in check.  

The body secretes over 50 hormones that control vital body functions including homeostasis, Reproduction, muscle contraction, and the menstrual cycle. Hormones are considered as body messengers that send a command via the bloodstream.

For instance, the Adrenaline which is known as the fright hormone is responsible for signaling the body in cases of emergency while insulin helps the body convert glucose to energy.

As cited by the power of hormones pdf, hormonal imbalance gives rise to a lot of health condition. An imbalanced hormone is like a disaster waiting to strike.

Hormonal imbalance results due to over-secretion or un-secretion of a certain hormone in the body. There’s a certain amount expected to be secreted, a slight change in that amount results in grave consequences.

Its common knowledge that sugar is the main cause of diabetes but little focus is placed on how it disrupts the balance of insulin in the body.

Ultimately, insulin affects many cells in the body and cannot be taken likely if its balance is disrupted.

In this article, we will be breaking down several ways sugar disrupts the power of hormones in the body and why it’s important to restore this balance as mentioned in the power of hormones book

 Ways Sugar Disrupts the Power of Hormones in the Body

  1. Cell resistance

Citing insulin as an example, excess consumption of food high in sugar over-whelms the body cells due to the resistance of insulin. 

This hormonal imbalance stimulates the pancreas to secrete more insulin even when the cells don’t need it. As a result, the cells develop insulin resistance which leads to type 2 diabetes.

Sugar consumption is actually one of few factors that can upset this balance, certain biological and environmental factors may also contribute

2. Spike Testosterone level

Women are thought to be the most inclined to insulin sensitivity but the power of hormones pdf suggests that may not be the case.

Excess consumption of sugar increases testosterone level in women while the reverse is the case in men. In addition to obesity, reduction in testosterone level leads to reduce sexual urge.

3. Creates Havoc with insulin

When the secretion of insulin in the body is obstructed, several body cells are affected especially the fat cells.  Leptin is a hormone secreted by the fat cells and is solely responsible for telling your brain when you’re full or hungry.

A spike in insulin caused by excess sugar consumption breaks down communication between the brain and the fat cells. Your brain fails to alert you even when you’re full. As a result, you consume more than you ought to.

4. Disrupts Signal to Body Cells

Most time we tend to associate sugar to be the most likely cause of diabetes and weight gain. However, the power of hormones book suggests it goes beyond that. Insulin is linked to several body cells and is responsible for synthesizing energy to those cells.

There are five different types of signalling pathways:

Contact Dependent.

Why does such a variety of signalling pathways exist?

Contact-dependent: Signaling cells contain a membrane-bound signalling molecule. The target cell contains a receptor. When the cells come into direct contact with each other, the signal is passed over. This pathway is intimate and short-ranged.

Autocrine: Single cell diffuses signalling molecules which are self receptive. This pathway is short-ranged.

Paracrine: Signaling molecules diffuse locally, therein by remaining close to the cell that secreted them. Signalling molecules are intercepted by signaling cell which diffuses signal for the target cells. This pathway usually acts between relatively short distances separating two cells.

Synaptic: A neuron sends electrical impulses down an axon. At axon terminal, electrical signals are converted to chemical signals (neurotransmitter). Chemical signals diffuse to reach the target cell. Cell signal covers long distances; delivered quickly and specifically to target cells by the axon.

Endocrine: An endocrine cell secretes a hormone signalling molecule into the bloodstream, which travels throughout the bloodstream until the target cell is reached. Cell signal covers long distances and is broadcast widely

Once the body develops resistance to insulin, all the cells connected to it fails to recognize its signal, resulting in severe conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

5. Initiates Cortisol

Power of Hormones PDF Suggests Maintaining hormonal balance is complex, especially in women struggling to reduce craving.

However, due to lifestyle factors such as poor sleep, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet full of sugar, hormonal imbalance is becoming more rampant than it ought to be.

Hence, excess intake of sugar may instigate the abnormality of some hormones. Excess sugar intakes increase the secretion of cortisol (stress hormone) which flux the balance even further.

6. Shuts down SHBG

Excess consumption of glucose and fructose may turn off the gene responsible for the regulation of sex hormones. Research shows that excess sugar leads to the liver producing more lipids.

Increased production of lipids shuts down a gene called SHBG. SHBG is said to be responsible for controlling the amount of estrogen and testosterone produced in the body.

When this gene is not available, less testosterone is secreted, resulting in hormonal imbalance.

power of hormones program

The Power Of Hormones Review: A Quick Fix For Hormonal Imbalance

Cutting down on sugar may not be the only step you need to take to restore your hormone.

The Power of hormone by Angela Bryne is designed to help you get rid of hormonal imbalance in no time. The Power of hormones Review are quite positive which indicates all ideas and technique proposed by the author is quite effective.

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