original_Gestational_diabetes7778Gestational Diabetes -a type of diabetes that starts or is first diagnosed during pregnancy. It is the least common type of diabetes that starts during pregnancy. It is normally detected in the second or third trimester characterized by low blood sugar levels. Just like other forms of diabetes. An estimated 3-4% of pregnant women are affected by gestational diabetes each year. But with simple knowledge like this, you can ear to treat gestational diabetes naturally.

Even though the symptoms of gestational diabetes are generally minimal or mild, but they should not be ignored because they can still cause complications for both mother and child, Although the symptoms typically fade after pregnancy, there is still risk of the baby developing Type 2 diabetes later in life.

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Like other forms of diabetes, there is no formal cure for gestational diabetes, except for treatment options like a G.I. diet, exercise, or insulin therapy. However, many people prefer using natural methods or herbal remedies to treat gestational diabetes to going for insulin therapy.You can either use these remedies can alone or combine them with other more traditional treatment methods of gestational diabetes. The cause of Gestational Diabetes is an increase in insulin resistance in the expectant mother. The good news is that it usually resolves after pregnancy. However, mothers are likely to develop this kind of diabetes again in subsequent pregnancies. Some natural remedies may help protect against gestational diabetes, In addition to receiving regular prenatal care, there is need to use using certain natural remedies so as to boost your defence against gestational diabetes. The tips below will guide you on how to treat gestational diabetes naturally.



As the health of your child will always be your top priority and the choices you make while you are pregnant can have a long term effect on your newborn so in case you are considering the use of any type of natural remedy or other alternative therapy to manage or prevent gestational diabetes, there is need to first notify your doctor. This is because gestational diabetes may likely cause a number of serious complications in both the mother and the newborn so it’s important to work closely with your doctor in managing this situation. You are advised to begin your pre-natal care early as it is the most important step in fighting gestational diabetes and also make sure you visit your doctor regularly. With the following tips, you can surely treat gestational diabetes naturally.

treat gestational diabetesRegular Exercise: One of the most efficient ways to treat gestational diabetes naturally is regular exercise. You can lower your blood glucose levels and reduce insulin resistance after regular and moderate exercise and it also helps the body use to use insulin better, and this helps to control your blood sugar level. Often, exercising and eating well can treat gestational diabetes.

 Like other forms of diabetes, regular exercise can help to prevent an unhealthy weight gain. Although weight gain is expected during pregnancy, but it can definitely be managed in a healthy way. Regular exercise helps to get your heart rate up, stimulate the metabolism, thereby preventing the development of gestational diabetes. and any sort of light exercise (even walking around the block a few times per day) will help to prevent or minimize the symptoms of gestational diabetes.

Even the medical community recognizes the merits of exercise, because it helps to increase the ability of the muscle to use insulin and over time can help fix insulin resistance. It is fortunate that smaller amounts of high intensity exercise have a better effect on insulin levels (and weight loss). So a high intensity exercise anyway is recommended due to its various health advantages, and it is also great for diabetes control. Appropriate and regular physical activity is often good during pregnancy, as it is beneficial to health and helps to improve glucose metabolism but be sure to not choose exercises that will put you at risk, which is the types that does not place too much stress on your lower body, considering your pregnancy status.

To really treat gestational diabetes naturally with exercises, you may want to try special exercise classes that are for pregnant women or other activities that are of low-impact such as swimming or walking fast, cycling, going up and down the stairs is also a good way to increase your heart rate.

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Dietary:treat gestational diabetes  Irregular eating schedule is known to be one of the major causes of diabetes of any type. This can complicate the body’s natural
metabolic activity
 and canalso affect the way your insulin receptors function. A wonderful way to treat gestational diabetes naturally is to put yourself on a strict schedule of nutritional intake. Growing a baby inside you is a great work. And you might not realize how much energy you really expend each day. You need to stay sustained and not get your blood sugar too low and don’t skip your meals.

It has however been recommend by experts that pregnant women with Gestational diabetes should eat small meals. Thus, every two hours so that the body can become used to regular processing and absorption of nutrients. So as to help prevent rise in blood sugar levels that causes this condition. Another great way to stay healthy during pregnancy is by eating well. If you have gestational diabetes, it is especially important to be able to choose the right type of food. It is possible to manage gestational diabetes thus by eating well with regular exercises. You know what this means? It there might not be need for you to take medication.

There’s possibility of keeping your blood sugar level under control. This only if you are able to change what you eat. The fact is this is the way most women with Gestational diabetes control it. That a pregnant woman has gestational diabetes means her body isn’t producing enough insulin and because of this, the blood sugar levels may rise which can cause problems for the newborn. One of the main sources of energy for your body is Sugar (glucose). The hormone called insulin in your body helps to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood and turn it to energy but because the hormones that are produced as a result of pregnancy do not allow insulin to work effectively.

It is advisable that you increase your fibre intake as it is a common suggestion in managing gestational diabetes. The activity of insulin receptors can be stimulated by fibre and it can as well hinder the release of too much insulin into the bloodstream and in doing so help in balancing the levels of insulin thereby restraining gestational diabetes from attacking. Fibre has digestive and cardiovascular effect which explains why it should be part of pregnant diet. It is easy to find fibre in the market all over the world.

When you eat a good breakfast, it is sure to help in regulating to your blood sugar level all through the day. It is better to eat foods that have low-GI. (glycaemic index). The GI of a food is said to be a measure of how quickly sugar (glucose) is released into your bloodstream after you’ve eaten it. Choosing foods that have low-GI will really help in managing and controlling your gestational diabetes and this is because foods with low-GI take longer time for your body to digest thereby releasing glucose more slowly into your bloodstream. Examples of the foods that release energy slowly and evenly into your body and helps you treat gestational diabetes naturally are:

  • porridge,
  • low-fat yoghurt,
  • whole grains cereals,
  • bread with boiled egg,
  • beans and lentils,
  • sweetcorn,
  • apples, oranges, pears, peaches,
  • pasta made with durum wheat flour etc

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These kinds of food are rich in fibre and are an important in having a healthy diet. Also make sure you drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses. Water does more good by flushing toxins out of your system, one of the way to treat gestational diabetes naturally.

A pregnant woman is more prone to higher blood glucose because of the hormones working in her body. Carbs are really what affect the blood sugar. However, crab reduction, means you are restraining sugar spikes from happening or causing any harm to your baby. And indirectly treating gestational diabetes naturally.


Try to always pair your meals with a protein. Because you are growing another person inside you, protein is important as it is essential for growth and development. Protein therefore helps to break down carbs into molecules that are more manageable. At the same time it is useful thereby easing the digestion process and regulating your metabolism. This only release or use the essential amount of insulin needed by your body

Cut Down On Sugary Foods And Drinks:

Obesity and sugary foods comes along with being diabetic. A great way to protect yourself from gestational diabetes is to remove sugar from your diets completely.  For now, do away with juice, soda, sweet tea and other drinks with added sugar because eating sweet things is one of the fastest ways to make your blood sugar level high. So try to cut down or give up sweet things including desserts as this will help you to treat gestational diabetes naturally.

Check Your Blood Sugar:

Checking your blood sugar levels is an important part in treating gestational diabetes. Do a home blood sugartreat gestational diabetes test once or twice per day. Though this could be overwhelming, it is good to know that your blood sugar level is within a target range as this will help in putting your mind at ease.

Ascorbic acid:

Vitamin C is a common vitamin but this does not mean that pregnant women do have enough of it. Vitamin D levels are usually lower among those which developed gestational diabetes. Therefore, not having enough vitamin D makes a pregnant woman vulnerable to gestational diabetes. Even though it isn’t the type of vitamin that gets as much attention as others. It is important for thorough absorption of key vitamins and nutrients which include phosphate, iron, magnesium and calcium.. Eating rich foods like salmon, tofu and mushrooms, or tofu, your nutrient intake will be effective and consistent all through the day. Vitamin D is also known to help in stimulating the way bacteria that are beneficial to the body grows and this is necessary for healthy pregnancy.

Astragalus: Astragalus_glycyphyllos_tigerenteThere is an ongoing and widespread research into herbal remedies that can control and manage gestational diabetes but the effects of astragalus have been shown to be the strongest. Research showed that women who use astragalus with their traditional treatment for gestational diabetes have milder symptoms of this form of diabetes and they also have a really better control of their blood sugar level.

In a study of 84 pregnant women with gestational diabetes in the year 2009, those of them that received treatment astragalus along with insulin demonstrated a better improvement in the levels of their blood fats and also in the control of the blood sugar level. However, it is good to speak with your doctor first to know if it is advisable for you to add herbs to your normal diet. Because herbs could have side effects considering your pregnancy status which is delicate.


how_to_treat_gestitational_diabetes1Tthere is no formal cure for gestational diabetes, except for treatment options like a G.I. diet, exercise, or insulin therapy. Since your baby’s health should be your priority. It is however good to know that it is hanging on your decisions while you are pregnant. Try to take advantage of any treatment that will manage and control your blood glucose levels effectively. More-so by adopting the above tips to treat gestational diabetes naturally. And don’t forget to work with your doctor before you embark on any of them.

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