Why People Accumulate Fat Rather Than Lose Fat

A whole lot of people are struggling with fats in their body. And in a bid to lose fat; they apply measures that end up increasing the fat in their body. After reading fatty liver Remedy Book I discovered the secrets behind weight gain. Therefore after reading this article, you should be aware of some reasons why people accumulate fats instead of losing fats. This is because this article clearly states and also explains some things you do to shed fat without knowing that you are adding to the fats in your body. Some of which are:Lose fat

  1. Eating Too Many Nuts

The amount of calories contained in nuts is quite much and they also have the ability to add up quickly. Also, Nuts contains more of polyunsaturated fats, Here are some issues you could encounter by taking too much of nuts daily:

  • An increased amount of calorie in your body which could store up and become accumulated.
  • Due to the number of polyunsaturated fats in nuts, it tends to increase the omega 6 (unsaturated fat) level in the body instead of increasing the level of omega 3 (saturated fat) in the body. Saturated fats are highly needed in the body for metabolic activities.
  • People having issues with digestion tend to have a problem when they eat nuts. It is advisable to eat foods that are capable of reducing fats in the body and a very good example is Almonds. If you can take enough almonds daily, then you can rest assured that you are free from fat accumulation.
  1. Not Having Enough Rest or Sleep

Most people find it difficult to believe that not sleeping for the normal hours can make them gain fat. This is how it happens; when you deprive yourself of sleep, your cortisol level increases and your insulin level decreases and these two factors lead to an increase in the fat level of your body. Also, during your deep sleep, there is some very important Growth Hormone boosts that you undergo. Anyone who does not sleep well at night tends to miss out on this. Here are some effective measures for having good sleep.

To have a sound sleep at night, it would do you good to follow these tips that are listed below:

  • Try as much as possible to maintain a cool temperature for your room.
  • Turn off the light
  • The sole purpose of our bed should be for sex and for sleep.
  • Buy quality beds, because a very reasonable part of your life is usually spent on your bed
  • Avoid looking at the screen of your computer, phone and electronic gadgets few hours before going to bed.
  • You could also try working out at the very hours of the day and by so doing you get early morning natural light which is a source of vitamin D to the body.
  1. Not Doing Sprints

Sprinters and football players can attest to the fact that sprint has greatly helped them to do away with a very good amount of their body fats. Sprint helps in the maintenance of your body mass because it is a very good example of strength training. Therefore, aside dieting, you could also go for the sprint at least once a week. So, makeup to sprint today and burn off excess fat off your body.

  1. Eating Less of Solids and Drinking More of Protein Shakes

Most people prefer taking shakes or drinks to eating solid food. But the fact still remains that if you want to do away with fat, you must get accustomed to eating more of solids than taking drinks or shakes, because you eat solids you tend to use or burn off a certain amount of the fat that has accumulated in your body.

  1. Eating Too Much Fat

Some people feel they are cutting off fats doing away with junks. Yes, this is fine because the junks we eat supply the body with a lot of fats. Little do these people know that the food they resort to is even worse than what they cut off from. It is important to note that to really do away with fat, ensure you do not eat more than you burn and also, you must stop eating too much fat and resolve for foods with less fat content and also make sure that they are healthy for you so that you would not end up worsening the whole situation. Examples of foods with healthy fats are coconut oil, grass-fed beef, pastured egg yolks and wild caught salmon.

  1. Looking For a Magic to Shed Off Fats

Looking for a food or something that works very quickly to help you lose fat is not an idle solution. Can you remember clearly that you did not need any lesson, food guide or instructor to help you gain the fat? So why look for a solution where it is not? The most important thing is that you must change your change your lifestyle (your eating and sleeping habits) completely to a better and more profitable one. You must note that healthy feeding and living has to be part of your new lifestyle. So, stop looking for magic or shortcut and face the real thing which is you.

  1. Improper Management of Stress

Some people feel because they want to lose fat then, they can overwork their body. The fat reduction does not work that way. The place of rest or stress management cannot be overemphasized when you aim at fat loss and not fat accumulation. To reduce fats, you need to properly manage stress. Cortisol is a hormone in the body that increases the body fat. Many are not aware of the fact that as you get yourself worked out, the level of cortisol in your body increases and therefore your body fat also increases. So, can you see the reason why you need to manage stress properly if you want to reduce fat in your body?

Here are some activities that can help you effectively manage stress:

  • Make sure you are always happy and you laugh every day
  • Ensure you get rid of your to-do list
  • Listen to relaxing music
  • Make time to hang out with interesting friends
  • Buy and keep a pet that you like
  • Take yoga
  • Avoid disturbing calls, messages, and tweets.
  1. Overdoing Cardio

Avoid doing the traditional type of cardio because instead of reducing fat they increase fat by producing excessive cartisol in the body which increases the body fat and also may cause some complications especially to those having a health issue. You could go for regular exercises like early morning walk or jog, sprint or long walk as these activities helps to reduce body fat and also keep the body fit.

  1. Not Eating Healthy Diets

Most people enjoy eating foods with high calorific value and they say they want to lose fat how on earth is that possible? That is a major reason why some people look for wonder pills to help them do the job, while they keep on enjoying their heavy duty food. If you must cut off fat, then, you must be disciplined in the area of food. Take your eyes off those foods that can increase fat in your body and concentrate more on those with less fat. Although doing this might be a bit difficult at first, continue eating these less fatty foods, you will get used to them and you will see a very good result from them.

  1. Not Being Faithfull to Helpful Guides and Instructions

The sole aim of receiving helpful guides and instructions to lose fat is so as to reduce the fat in your body? Of what good is it then when you do as you are being asked today, then, tomorrow you obey partially and the next day you do not even follow the instructions at all? As a person who wants to lose fat rather than accumulate fat in your body, you must adhere strictly to healthy instructions that you have given so that you get the best results from it.

In conclusion, losing fat is not as easy as gaining fat. If you aim at removing excess fat from your body, you must note that there are also healthy fats in your body so; you must employ a measure that will help you remove only the unhealthy fats.

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