Type 2 diabetes accounts for accounts for 90-95 percent of all diagnosed cases of diabetes. The first risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes is obesity. Others includes; gestational diabetes (which occurs during pregnancy) and having a family history of diabetes among others. Type 2 diabetes is now a widespread chronic disease that affects many individuals in a population. Many cases of this disease are not even diagnosed until when it has destroyed an important organ of the body. Even though many physicians have developed safe treatments to prevent and manage diabetes, the bottom line still remains the fact that there must be a change in dietary and lifestyle habits before the blood sugar level can be controlled effectively. They are the changes that can provide optimal health benefit for the years to come.

Type 2 diabetes is a condition whereby the body is not able to properly regulate blood glucose. When type 2 diabetes is not attended to with proper treatment, it results in the damage of vital organ in the body and also causes cardiovascular disease, limb amputations and stroke. The good news here is that this chronic disease can be reversed naturally, that is with the right diet and exercises.

Type II diabetes

As we already know by now starts with insulin resistance. This is a condition whereby the blood sugar level of an individual increases gradually until he or she develops diabetes. Many of the young adults now a day have prediabetes.

Even medical practitioners these days that use medicine everyday and have confidence in what they use have come to term with the fact that it is not the only way to treat illness. People have become too reliant on pills and drugs for their illness and aided by our modern medical system that rely heavily on pharmaceuticals. The truth we have to take note of is that medicine can only stabilize the illness but will never reverse it. Drugs like this don’t have power to do so. Stability isn’t the best option in the face of epidemic chronic disease like type 2 diabetes whose number keeps rising exponentially.

But we don’t have to see type 2 diabetes as a death sentence because it a a medical condition that can be completely reversed. There are simple natural ways to keep the blood sugar levels under check thereby avoiding complications. However, there is need to first notify your doctor and discuss how you can introduce natural ways in order to control your sugar levels.

As we are already aware of some of the habits that have great influence on the development of disease generally, especially type 2 diabetes, which includes bad emotional state, poor diet, excessive drinking, lack of exercise, stress or smoking. This is why diabetes recovery will only be possible if:

  • the habits that made this disease worse are completely removed,
  • new health enhancing habits instilled and a
  • Specific plan for health maintenance is put in place


These forms of sugar are the worst enemies. They enter the blood stream quickly and they cause a very high rise in blood sugar levels. Soda, sugary beverages and fruits juice produces this sugar. You might even look at some of those natural sweeteners (like honey and maple syrup) as better alternatives but they still have their own ways of affecting the blood glucose levels. So the best option you have here is to switch to stevia if you desire to cure diabetes.


  • Grains – reverse type 2 diabetes

Talking about grains that are not good for your health, the type is those that contain gluten if you want to beat diabetes. Examples of these grains include wheat. Wheat contains large amount of carbohydrates that are easily broken down to sugar really fast after few minutes of consumption. Gluten has the tendency to cause intestinal inflammation. Intestinal inflammation does affect hormones like cortisol and leptin, which leads to spike in the blood sugar. Try to remove grains from all your diets if you want to reverse type 2 diabetes.

  • Conventional cow’s milk – reverse type 2 diabetes

This should be eliminated completely if the need be to reverse type 2 diabetes. The kind of dairy that is good for balancing your blood sugar levels is that from goats and sheep. You should try all possible means to desist from all other forms of dairy products, this is because the A1 casein that are produced by these conventional cows will do more harm to the body than good thereby triggering a response in the immune system which is similar to gluten.


AVOID ALCOHOL – Is This a Natural way to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Alcohol in the body is not good, especially if you are on the quest to reverse type 2 diabetes. It has the dangerous tendency to increase the blood sugar levels, which can lead to toxicity in the liver. Examples of alcohols to avoid are beer and other sweet liquor because they are high in carbohydrates.


GET PHYSICAL WITH EXERCISESIs This a Natural way to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes


reverse type 2 diabetes cure diabetesAnother step that you can take in order to reverse type 2 diabetes is exercising. Exercise is an important step towards reverse your type 2 diabetes. Why is because it helps to improve the sensitivity of your insulin. This is because, when you’re exercising, your body derives energy from the glucose that has been reserved in your body. When glucose that was stored in your body is exhausted, your body will be forced to draw out glucose from the bloodstream thereby causing a drop in your blood glucose levels. After exercising, your liver restores the reserved energy that has been exhausted.

This will further help to reduce your blood sugar levels. Exercise is known to have the ability to support metabolism. This is by burning excess fats in the body and building lean muscles. Even without losing a pound, exercise can help keep reverse type 2 diabetes. And the more intense the exercises are the better. Starting an exercise routine is important for your overall health. But will also help you lose weight and start to reverse your diabetes.  If you are not used to exercising, start small with a short walk. Gradually increase the duration and intensity. Fast walking is a great way to get exercise. A brisk walk is easy to do and requires no equipment. It is mostly beneficial after meals. In addition to walking, you might even try other trainings like eight training and cardio training if you can.

TAKE ENOUGH WATER – Is This a Natural way to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

reverse type 2 diabetes reverse diabetes

Make sure that you drink two glasses of icy water. A study has suggested that drinking enough water is very important to the body. It say dehydration is an enemy and fatigue is often one of the first symptoms. Increased water intake plays an important role in how the body regulates blood sugar levels. A dehydrated body causes vasopressin (a hormone that helps to retain water in the body) to signal the liver to produce more glucose. And this only increases blood glucose levels.


ATTITUDE – Is This a Natural way to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes


It is true that the impact of attitude have never been included as an element in having a chronic disease like diabetes but it is pretty obvious enough that stress has a high influence on the function of both liver and the pancreas. This influence stress has on the pancreas and liver has a great role to play in creating the symptoms of diabetes as well as successfully reversing it.

Emotional tension has a great effect on the endocrine system, which includes the pancreas.

The two ways by which emotional stress and attitude contribute to poor health is

  • Worry or anxiety
  • Negative self-image.

The simple truth here is that your body tends to believe whatever your mind thinks. This can be confirmed in a situation where powerful emotions are triggered. Just imagine the things that goes on people’s mind when they has been diagnosed with a chronic disease like type 2 diabetes without any hope of ever recovering from it given to them.  In case whereby this information is accepted, depression will be provoked and the message will be sent to the body that the condition it is currently facing is hopeless and that the immune system has become less effective.

Modern Medical System

Most people have come to believe that the modern medical system is the only one way to treat a disease and their faith has been placed on it, so hearing that medical option can’t help their condition will really bring devastation since they can’t seems to see any other possible route to recover their healthy life. This is not saying medical intervention is not required but people have the ability to take responsibilities on their own lives and act on their common sense when it is required.

Changing habits is often a greater challenge to the emotions than any practical considerations. There is need for you to focus only on success. There are little but yet effective things you can do. Which will have a positively great impact on your wellbeing such as spending few minutes each day creating a stress free mind.

Try Sitting on a comfortable chair without any distraction or thought of other things and just concentrate only on your breath moving in and out.  You can also take a list of several great things that would like to achieve in your life when you have fully recovered. Do this without focusing on your sickness. Try this daily as you use your imagination while focusing on the benefits.  The overall issue here is you have to be able to think positively. You should not giving in to depression. Rather  type 2 diabetes should be seen as a visitor.

reverse type 2 diabetes Citrus fruits
Citrus fruits


Juices  –  Is This a Natural way to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

 It consists of Vitamin C and dietary fibre. People with diabetes have lower vitamin C according to a study. They also help in preventing other diseases apart from diabetes. Examples of these kinds of fruits include berries. Fruits like oranges, grapefruit, oranges, lemons, berries, melons and sweet limes have properties like insulin, which help to control blood sugar levels naturally. You should avoid avocados, olives, pineapple, and watermelon.


Changing habits is often a greater challenge to the emotions than any practical considerations. If you are motivated toward getting the mind and body working in tandem toward a healthy recovery you need to focus on success. This usually means incorporating new ideas into your life and supporting your own best instincts. The above are the few small but effective steps you can take in order to reverse your diabetes and these are also the things you can do that could have a great impact on your well being.

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