Simple Tricks to Beat Gestational Diabetes Hands Down

How Do I Beat Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is one of the different types of diabetes, but peculiar to pregnant women. Although, gestational diabetes is not very harmful to the baby, asides making the baby overweight, it could result in some complications later in life. So it is better to combat gestational diabetes on time before it affects the baby.

Although, gestational diabetes can also result in some complications for both the baby and the expectant mother, the effect can be reduced to the barest minimum if some simple tips are adhered to. Therefore, this article is dedicated to pregnant women folks out there looking for simple tricks on how to beat gestational diabetes.

Watch What You Eat.

Proper meal is a very efficient way to stay healthy during pregnancy, and a good way to beat gestational diabetes. The right choice of food is an essential factor to beat gestational diabetes. Sugar, also known as glucose is one of the BEAT GESTATIONAL DIABETESsources of energy to the body. The body regulates the amount of sugar in the body with the aid of a hormone called insulin. But the rise of pregnancy hormone in the body reduces the effect of insulin. Thus the body have to manufacture more insulin to be able regulate the blood sugar level.

However, the emergence of gestational diabetes is an indication that insulin production in the body is not enough. Thus the blood level sugar can rise and result in complications for the baby.

It is possible to keep the blood sugar level in check by changing what you eat.

  • Consume only healthy diets. It is very ok to discuss effective meal plan and meal plan for gestational diabetes with you doctor. Also, it is necessary to reduce the intake of carbohydrate as this thus tends to increase the blood sugar level.Completely avoid foods rich in fats and high in sugar
  • Consume more of fresh fruits and vegetables, one of the effective meal plan for gestational diabetes.
  • Also, healthy and more efficient cooking method is advised such as grilling, steaming or roasting of foods rather than frying.
  • Ways to Adjust Your Diet: One of the many tips to beat gestational diabetes to lose weight before getting pregnant. Especially for overweight women. Also, you should be careful not have sharp rise and fall in your blood sugar level. It is best to arrange an appointment with a dietician who can arrange a special diet for you and the special diets will assist you on an effective meal plan for gestational diabetes
  • Women in such category should limit their calorie intake and adopt exercises that will increase their heartbeat such as jogging or swimming.
  • The foods that are ok for you and those that are not.
  • The quantity of food you should be taking
  • And how often you soul be eating

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How does Carbohydrate Comes In?

Majorly, there are two types of carbohydrates that supply the body with energy. They are the complex and the simple carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates which some people also classify as bad carbohydrate include table sugar, honey, milks etc. Thus consuming raw sugar, which is a simple carbohydrate is one of the man causes of high blood sugar level.

Therefore, people with gestational diabetes should desist from foods and drinks high in added sugar, one of the effective ways to beat gestational diabetes.

Also, a way to beat gestational diabetes is to consume foods rich in complex carbohydrate and low in saturated fat. It is also good to reduce raw or white sugar to the barest minimum

Beat Gestational Diabetes by Loosing Weight

One of the very effective ways beat gestational diabetes is to loose weight. Normally, if you are 20% above your normal and ideal body weight, your chances of developing gestational diabetes is high. Thus making healthy food choices, following simple daily guidelines, consuming a whole lot of fruits and vegetables, limiting fats etc. are all simple methods to beat gestational diabetes by loosing weight.

Fats, butter, margarine, salad dressing oil, meats, poultry etc. are all food that are rich in fats that should be avoided in other to beat diabetes. Regular exercising helps the body utilize glucose without using extra insulin which helps combat extra insulin.

Beat Gestational Diabetes By Improving Your Diet

The topic of dieting and gestational diabetes is a very broad topic In fact, it is safe to admit that it is only through diet that gestational diabetes can truly be combated. Sine diabetes generally could occur as a result of what is taken in, it can as well be reduced greatly by controlling what is take in. Thus improving on your diet, according to research is one of the very efficient way to beat gestational diabetes. Some of the proven methods to improve diet include:

  • Take a good breakfast Foods rich in sugar content like sugar-coated cereals or white toast with jam is a terrible choice as it can quickly raise the blood sugar level. By a good breakfast, we mean foods that are generally low in sugar. Thus taking such foods is a good way to regulate the blood sugar level. Foods that releases energy efficiently and slowly are good choices. Some examples are: porridge, cereals, bread etc.
  • Consume a variety of foods during the day. One of the many efficient as to beat BEAT GESTATIONAL DIABETESdiabetes is to try and eat varieties of foods during the day. As having a variety of food is appealing and sometimes having foods of different colors in the same plate is a good way to achieve this.
  • Consume Fiber-Rich Foods. Also, a very efficient way to beat diabetes is to consume high fibre foods. Those sorts of foods are low in sugar content thus they keep the blood sugar level within normal range. Examples of such foods are: fresh foods and vegetables, died peas, pulses, beans, cereals etc.
  • Reduce Saturated Fats. Instead of using butter, use spread high with polyunsaturated fats, and use grill foods instead of frying. Also employ snacks on nuts and seeds, abundant in unsaturated fats, avoid milk chocolates and finally, trim fats from meat.
  • Avoid Skipping Meals. Also, snacks in-between meals is also very good. It is also an efficient way to keep blood sugar level steady. A regular intake of balanced diet is one of the efficient way to beat gestational diabetes. Also, the meal should be at regular interval with the same amount every time. It is advisable to get a moderate size plate so as to maintain a uniform ration every time.
  • Reduce sugary foods and drinks. It is very good to reduce, or if possible completely give up sweet, sweetened juice and most desserts. These foods are laden with simple sugars that are very easy for the body to absorb, which ultimately raises the blood sugar level. If you must take fruit juice or frizzy drinks, you should dilute with a whole lot of water and drink just once a day. And now consume majorly water or drinks without water throughout the day


  • One of the very efficient way to beat gestational diabetes is to get rid of unprocessed white foods like white rice, white flour, noodles, regular bread etc.
  • In your meals, try and include whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, red finger millet etc.
  • In your quest to beat diabetes, consume a lot of water. You need to get over the fact that you might be urinating every time. Drinking lots of water helps to flush out toxins from the body system.
  • Consume more of protein. Foods like soya chunks, kidney beans, chickpeas etc., are good diets to bet gestational diabetes
  • Regular exercise is also advisable. Ordinary walking for as long as 30 minute a day or twice and yoga also could help beat gestational diabetes.
  • Fruits like apple, pears, guava, kiwi, melons and berries etc. is good to beat gestational diabetes. But off course foods that are too sweet also should be avoided like mango, banana, pineapple etc.
  • Completely avoid sugar, whether raw or processed
  • Also, the importance of breakfast cannot be overemphasized. Thus it is not too good to form the habit of skipping breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day.
  • Avoid sweetened or flavoured yoghourt, consume plain yoghourt instead.
  • The fact that you are pregnant is not an excuse to over eat. Watch how much you eat and try to maintain the same ration.
  • As much as possible, stay away from fried foods
  • Fat should also be avoided, but you are god with the unsaturated type like peanut oil, olive oil, sesame oil etc.BEAT GESTATIONAL DIABETES
  • Also, as much as possible, stick to completely natural products. It is one of the proven ways to beat gestational diabetes

Also, one of the most efficient ways to beat gestational diabetes is through the use of snack. And a whole variety of food combination could serve as effective snacks to beat gestational diabetes. Some Snacks to beat diabetes include:

  • Roasted sweet potatoes and some almonds
  • Roasted corn
  • Fat free natural yoghourt
  • Low fat cottage cheese with black pepper
  • Carrot, seasoned with peanut butter
  • Avocado slices and tomato.

This, and may more are some snacks to beat gestational diabetes.

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