Diabetes is a disease that occurs when a person has high amount of sugar in his or her blood. This might be because there is low amount of insulin produces in the body. It can also be because the cells in your body do not react in the right manner to the insulin produced. Thus,  solution to diabetic conditionsresulting to diabetes. Diabetes is a long term medical condition. Searching for a solution to diabetic condition is not an easy thing. Taking insulin shots on a regular basis helps to manage diabetes but there are couple of other things that could be regarded as a form of solution to diabetic conditions in one way or another.

Type 2 diabetes is a form of diabetes that creep up on people, and takes years to develop into full-blown diabetes. Type 2 diabetes begins when certain muscles and cells stop responding to insulin’s when it needs it to open up for glucose. The body will then respond by making more and more insulin, trying to ram blood sugar into certain cells. Eventually, the cells making insulin get exhausted and they begin to fail. Below are simple steps that can be taken to help lower your risk of Type 2 Diabetes and which I will term “small solution to diabetic conditions”.

Watch Your Weight

Too much weight is the most important cause of type 2 diabetes. When you are overweight, it increases your chances of developing type 2 diabetes by seven fold. Obesity makes you 20-40 times more likely to develop diabetes than someone not obese or with a healthy weight.

If you lose some weight, it can help if your weight is above the healthy-weight range. Losing     7-10% of your current weight will definitely cut your chances of developing type 2 diabetes in half. Although this might sound too simplistic but it is actually one of the solution to diabetic conditions.

Be Active & Work Your Muscles – A small solution to diabetic conditions

Inactivity makes you more likely to type 2 diabetes. Making your muscles work harder and working than more often improves their ability to make use of insulin and absorb glucose. This reduces the stress on your insulin-making cells.solution to diabetic conditions

Walking briskly for half an hour daily reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 30%. This amount of exercise has a variety of other benefits as well. Even greater cardiovascular and other advantages can be attained by intense exercise.

Research shows that television-watching is an especially-detrimental form of inactivity. Every 2 hours you spend watching your TV instead of doing something more active increases your chances of developing diabetes by 20 percent; it also increases the risk of early death by 13% and heart disease by 15%. The more you watch TV, the more likely you will gain weight or be obese, and this explain part of the television viewing-diabetes link. One of the popular guide and solutions for diabetes is the guide developed by Paul Carlyle. In the guide he highlighted the type of activity that could be followed in order to reduce the risk of diabetes or even be used as guide or solutions for people with diabetes. You can access this ebook tagged “diabetes Miracle” here


Adjust Your Diet

Adjusting your diet is also another solution to diabetic conditions. It helps to reduce your chance of developing diabetes and listed below are 4 dietary changes that can have a huge impact on your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Eat less of refined carbohydrates but more of whole grains and whole grain products

Diets rich in whole grains protect against diabetes and diets rich in highly processed carbohydrates lead to increased risk. Research showed that eating an extra 2 servings of whole grains a day decrease your risk of type 2 diabetes by 21%.

Whole grains are known to be rich in essential vitamins. Andsolution to diabetic conditions minerals and also rich in phytochemicals that may help reduce the risk of diabetes. This means you can say that whole grains can help in giving a solution to diabetic conditions and help prevent it.

White rice, white bread, donuts, bagels, mashed potatoes, and many breakfast cereals have what’s called a high glycemic load and glycemic index. That simply means they cause sustained spikes inside the blood sugar and level of insulin, which in turn may lead to increased risk of diabetes.

Researchers estimate that exchanging whole grains in for even some white rice could lower diabetes risk by 36%.

Drink less of sugary beverages and water, coffee, or tea instead.

Just like refined grains, sugary drinks have a high glycemic load. And drinking more of sugary stuffs will increase your risk of diabetes.

Research shows that for every additional 12-ounce serving of sugary beverage you drink daily. Gives you risk of type 2 diabetes will rise to 25%. Also, studies suggest that fruit drinks (Kool Aid, fortified fruit drinks, or juices) are not healthy for you like the food advertisements often portray them to be.

How do sugary drinks lead to this increased risk? Several studies solution to diabetic conditionsshow that adults and children who drink soda or other sugar-sweetened beverages are more likely to gain weight than those who don’t and that switching from sugary beverages to water or unsweetened beverages can reduce weight. However, weight gain caused by sugary drinks does not completely explain the increased diabetes risk. But there is mounting evidence that sugary drinks contribute to chronic inflammation. Also decreased “good” (HDL) cholesterol, high triglycerides, and increased insulin resistance, and all of these are risk factors for diabetes.

Certain drinks can be taken in place of the sugary stuff like water. Water is an excellent choice. Coffee and tea are also good calorie-free replacements for sugary beverages and that is if you don’t load them up with excess sugar and cream. There’s also a convincing evidence that coffee may help protect against diabetes. For solution to diabetic conditions, it is advisable to take less sugar.

Watch your fat intake.

The types of fats in your diet can also affect the development of diabetes. Good fats, like polyunsaturated fats found in liquid vegetable oils, nuts. And seeds can help against type 2 diabetes while trans fats do the exact opposite. These bad fats can be found in many margarines, fried foods found in most fast-food restaurants, packaged baked goods, and any product that has “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” on the label as part of its components.

Reduce red meat intake and avoid processed meat; choose whole grains, nuts, fish or poultry instead.

Eating red meat like beef, pork, or lamb and processedsolution to diabetic conditions red meat like bacon, hot dogs, or deli meats increases your risk of diabetes. Even for those who consume only small amounts. Also, researchers found out that eating just one daily 3-ounce serving of red meat increases your risk of type 2 diabetes by 20%. Even eating smaller amounts of processed red meat each day increases your diabetes risk by 51%.

Swapping out red meat or processed red meat for a healthier protein source like nuts, low-fat dairy, poultry, or fish, or for whole grains will lower your diabetes risk by up to 35%. Not surprisingly, the greatest reductions in risk came from not taking processed red meat.

Quit Smoking If You Are A Smoker

This is another small solution to diabetic conditions. Smokers are roughly 50% more likely to develop diabetes.  Than those who do not smoke, and if you are a heavy smoker, you have an even higher risk.

Alcohol Now and Then May Help

Evidence links moderate alcohol consumption with reducedsolution to diabetic conditions risk of heart disease, which may also be true for type 2 diabetes. Taking moderate amounts of alcohol is known to be another solution to diabetic conditions. It increases the efficiency of insulin at getting glucose inside cells. Keep your consumption of alcohol at the moderate range. And if you don’t drink alcohol, there is no need for starting.

One of the popular diabetes solution products. Which however address some of the solution enumerated in this e-book is the Diabetes Miracle by Paul Carlyle. To access this e-book click here

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