Food plays a very important role in our health. There are even some kinds of food that can help to prevent the onset of diseases. Some even serves as medication. In the case of diabetes, the cells in the human body are not able to get the sugar they need. A we all know that a simple sugar called glucose is the body’s major source of energy. It is always present in your blood weather we eat sugary things or not. This is because the foods we eat are what is been broken down to glucose. The insulin, which is a hormone, allows the body’s cells to allow glucose in. The problem with people with diabetes is that the glucose is not able to get into the cells. This is the section of the body where it is needed.

Why type 1 diabetes is different is because they do not enough insulin present in their body that can signal the cells to allow glucose in and this causes the glucose to build up in the blood stream. Now, coming back to type 2 diabetes, people that are diagnosed with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes are the ones that are said to have insulin resistance which means that although they have enough insulin present in their body, the cells are not receiving the signal from the insulin. Not paying close attention to the food that are being consumed do also increase the chances of someone developing insulin resistance. According to the centre for disease control, one out of 3 average Americans that were born in the year 2000 has a risk of developing diabetes.

The decision to choose the right kinds has a long way to go in contributing positively to your health. This is by looking for delicious and yet plant based minimally processed foods. Diets that are low in fats , rich in fibre and vegetables with fruits can really help in controlling one’s sugar levels as well as avoiding diabetes thereby helping in prevent the complications that are associated with diabetes.

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Apple -This low glycemic index fruit is a great choice, along with others like fresh apricots, peaches, and pears. The glycemic index (GI) is a defeating diabetesmeasure of how quickly a food releases its sugars. Foods with low GI raise the blood sugar levels more slowly than high-GI foods. It helps to raise blood sugar slowly in a way that the body will be able to properly remove them from the blood stream. People men who ate the most apples and other foods high in quercetin had 20% less diabetes and heart disease deaths.

The soluble and insoluble fiber in apples can benefit people with diabetes. According to a 2003 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a diet that is high in fiber can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The soluble fiber in an apple can also help slow digestion. Eating apples, especially with the skin, increases your fiber intake and also provides vitamin C and flavonoids, which is known to be a disease-fighting antioxidant. This can help you to beat diabetes as well as prevent it.

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Coconut oil has a unique molecular structure with smaller, easily absorbed medium chain molecules. It is superior to most other oils health wise. Most of the other oil are deposited in blood vessels as cholesterol or stored as fat, but the coconut oil’s medium chain fatty acids immediately become available as energy. Coconut oil also has antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. Coconut oils can be used to replace other oils in meals. The organic virgin coconut oil has the highest health benefit.


There are many benefits of blueberries, asides helping to reverse type 2 diabetes which you can gain by taking them on their own or in a variety of foods. Blueberries defeating diabetes - Blueberriesprovide flavonoids- a type of phytonutrient that offers antioxidant protection. These include helping to boost your immune system and also fighting inflammation. They also consist of Vitamin C and dietary fiber. According to studies, blueberries have great potentials to improve one’s vision.  Anthocyanins originates their colours. This is another antioxidant that fights disease and it is also knownto benefit the health of the heart.

defeating diabetes- fresh carrots
fresh carrots


This is another food that can help you defeat diabetes. Carrots make a great healthy addition to any meal. it can however be eaten raw or in cooked form. It is good to include them in your diets. Carrots provide vitamin A from the antioxidant beta-carotene. This powerful phytonutrient can help to prevent cancer and other chronic medical conditions that are related to diabetes. Carrots are another source of fibre and heart-healthy flavonoids, which can also be enjoyed as juice with other healthy fruits.


This should be good news for people that love sea foods. Fish is an excellent addition to your diet. This includes the kind of fish that are rich in omega 3, such as trout, tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon and herring. Omega 3, which contains healthy fats, can help to control your diabetes. they also help to reduce inflammation and the risk of blood clots. They are also great in lowering the blood pressure, so they are good choice of food when it comes to defeating diabtes. It is now advisable that you should try preparing fish on the grill, baked, broiled, or steamed.

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Melon is a dessert that comes straight from nature. It comes in many varieties and that include muskmelon, watermelon, casaba, cantaloupe, honeydew, Crenshaw, Persian, and pepino. They all provide good nutrients but watermelon is high in vitamins C and B6. It is a good source of the antioxidant lycopene which can help you defeat diabetes and  prevent chronic diseases.


Cantaloupe is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, and folate. It is also high in potassium and the antioxidant beta-carotene. It has been recommended by The American Heart Association that people, especially the ones with diabetes should get enough folate and other B vitamins in your diet so as to help lower homocysteine levels and decrease the risk of heart disease as well as reverse diabetes.


The fibre content in oatmeal keeps one full longer. It can get you to your mid-morning snack or lunch. The soluble fiber in oats is said to be able to lower cholesterol and it also improve the blood pressure while stabilizing blood sugar level by slowing digestion. Jeannette Jordan- a Nutritionist, also said oats are also a source of antioxidants, says nutritionist. It is therefore advised that oatmeals should be flavoured with cinnamon or any other artificial sweeteners as it helps to keep the total calories low. Some vitamins like vitamin B, vitamin E are also found in oatmeal. It also includes magnesium and potassium which may help in keeping the blood pressure low. Some of the oatmeal to choose from includes steel-cut oatmeal and old-fashioned.


Not only do red onions add great colour to our meals. It also score the highest in antioxidant power. This is followed bydefeating diabetes=_80896768_red-onion-think624 yellow onion and we have with as the third. They are good source of folate, potassium and fibre and are good for the well being of the heart. According to a 2002 study of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, if people are able to have more of onion in their diets, then the risk of having chronic diseases like diabetes. Onions are non-starchy vegetable and it is advised that you should try chewing them, if you don’t mind the long lingering scent in your breath. This is another important vegetable that you can use to defeat diabetes.

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Raspberries are not only high in vitamin C, but are also full of fibre because their seed are tiny and edible. Meals provides Vit C . It also helps in preventing other disease apart from diabetes. Raspberry comes in different colours (red, purple and black and you can easily get them in any local market around you.


According to the Cleveland Clinic, spinach is loaded with vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B2 and B6, folate, copper, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and fibre. Through research, it has been found out that spinach has the potential to reduce the risk of having chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, cataracts and cancer. This dark green vegetable is high in beta-carotene, which is a n antioxidant that the body uses in the production of vitamin A.

defeating diabetes - dry-soy-beansSoy – DEFEATING DIABETES

soy is an excellent food that can be added to your meals. It is most times used in place of animal products. It can be eaten in beans form such as baby green soybeans known as edamame. Baby green soybeans are the highest in protein. There are other soy products which include tofu, soy nuts, soy milk or cheese. Soy is good for the body as it is also a good source of potassium, zinc, iron, folate, niacin and contain acids that are known to lower the cholesterol. Make sure to consult your doctor first to know if it’s ok for you to increase your potassium intake, as this is not good for people with kidney complications. Soy foods and drinks plays effectively.

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Tea contains catechins- antioxidant-rich flavonoids. Chronic disease are prevent with tea.  By drinking a cup white, green, or black tea, you are doing yourself a favour. We have different types of tea all over the world. Comes in tea bags or  loose-leaf varieties. According to Mike Feller, who is a co-owner of Gong Fu Tea in Des Moines, white tea is the richest in antioxidant with green tea as the second. Then we have oolong tea and black tea following them.
Green tea may help prevent the progression of type 1 diabetes, also known as childhood-onset diabetes, or prevent this disorder.


Tomatoes are excellent source of vitamin C and potassium. It aids in lycopene absorption. Lycopene is a very powerful antitoxin which is easier for the body to absorb. According to studies, tomatoes that are rich in lycopene may help to protect the body against some diseases, especially cancers. However, it is advised to check the nutritional facts food label. This is to know the ones that have least sugar and sodium.


A sweet treat creamy, delicious, and good in nature. A good source of calcium as it helps to promote the well-being of the bones. Plus even the teeth, muscle and blood vessel function. However, contains protein and vitamin B2 that helps to boost the energy. It provides zinc and assists the functioning of the immune system. It also helps in healing the wound. According to research, Probiotic yoghurt contains bacteria that help to promote health. They aid in digestive health and helps to improve the cholesterol.


Beans are also important part of daily nutrition. They are high in fiber and protein. All these vitamins and minerals are essential for the water balance between the cells and body fluids in your body. Beans come in many delicious varieties which include kidney beans, black beans, white beans and pinto beans among others. Try substituting beans as your main protein source as it can help your body repair and produce cells. This is even while building up the muscle and bones..

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Brocolo ia another non-starchy food that the nutritional power cannot be underestimated. In this green vegetable is where vitamin C and vitamin A can be found. They are good sources of fibre. The vitamin A that is found in broccoli has the power to promote healthy bones, skin, teeth and healthy vision. According to National Institutes of Health’s U.S. Library of Medicine, Vitamin C is important in healing wounds and it’s also a disease-fight a


Aspagarus is another non-starchy vegetable with only 5 grams of carb per serving and nearly 2 grams of dietary fiber. According to a Charleston, South Carolina-based registered dietitian and advisory board member for Diabetic Living- Jeannette Jordan (MS, RD, CDE), asparagus is also high in the B vitamin folate, vitamin C. It is also a health-promoting antioxidant that has glutathione, which may help boost the immune system and promote lung health with protection against viruses. It is therefore recommended by American Heart Association that people should try and include foods that contain folate and vitamin B in their diets, an efficient way to combat diabetes.

defeating diabetes - cinnamom1Cinnamon

According to the Nutrition Research Centre in Beltsville, Maryland, cinnamon can make cells more sensitive to the signal of insulin thereby converting blood sugar to energy.

Citrus fruit

A good example of antioxidant. It is a great snack choice. It is very low in fat and high in fibre. Plus it also has other nutritional values. It can provide vitamin c for your body which is good for your body, very efficient to reverse diabetes as studies have revealed that diabetic people tend to have lower levels of Vitamin c in their body.


The decisions you make about your health today and a long term effect on your future. Eating as a diabetic doesn’t mean one has to starve himself or deprive himself of good and delicious but however, there is need to be careful in regard to the kinds of foods that we order for whenever we go out. Foods that are high in saturated fats and added sugar do contribute to the risk of developing stress of having complications that come with diabetes like heart disease. The following kinds of foods should be avoided: Frozen pizza and restaurant pizza, milkshakes, purchased fruit beverages, flavoured water, frozen meals, fried chicken, processed lunch meats, regular soft drinks, cakes and pies, hamburgers and French fries. Choosing the right types of food has amazing ways to effectively help control your blood sugar level and can also help reverse your diabetes completely.

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