Tips From Power Of Hormones Book: 5 Ways To Naturally Balance Your Hormones

The normal production of hormones has a profound impact on weight loss and general health. Therefore, assuming your body experiences any transformation in hormone levels, you probably suffer from a lot of less than pleasant symptom beginning with dry or itchy skin, mood swings, fatigue, and ending with weight gain, PMS, migraines and brain fog.

Luckily, there are some ways to naturally balance your hormones. You can make your hormonal health better by introducing some new habits into your normal lifestyle.

In many cases, people usually feel anxious even when there is not much to worry about or they feel relatively calm for some weeks and unbearably anxious during others, all this you might be experiencing is clearly the hormones working in the body.

When it comes to ways to naturally balance your hormones, the power of hormones book tend to think of anxiety as all in our head but various factors fuel lead to hormone imbalance along with painful feelings, imbalanced brain chemicals, nutrient deficiencies, and external circumstances. Sugar is also a culprit in all these.

The power of Hormones book states that every human body is unique in its own way and has a particular hormone balance levels. For that reason, even when your blood test results shows that your hormonal system is okay, you might be going through hormonal imbalances.

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According to the power of Hormones book, there are certain things that lead to hormonal imbalances and are also clearly ignored by the entire medical community. They include;

ways to naturally balance your hormones
  • Testosterone is very important in women, because it is the hormone responsible for cognitive abilities and libido.
  • Progesterone in low levels which can result to Estrogen dominance and which might also result to further issues like; pre menstrual syndrome, irregular periods, depression, lack of libido, gallbladder disease, thyroid problems, sudden mood changes, fibrocystic breasts, etc.

Discovering these issues might help to find identify your particular optimal hormonal levels and also apply ways to naturally balance your hormones in order to maintain them.  

According to Angela Bryne, the author of The power of Hormone book mentions that a lot of clients come to her with the same issue. They all said that their doctor says their test results are normal but they still feel like their hormones are whack, not minding going for herbs.

One major thing that should be noticed is that symptoms of hormone imbalance vary, a woman might have painfully swollen pimples, another might have menstrual cramps that prevent her from going to work, while another has scanty periods that are more like brown spotting than the menstrual cycles she used to have.

The power of hormone book recommends these ways to naturally balance your hormones to users with different solutions depending on her body type and situations but it recommends the use of herbs because it might help.

The power of hormones book has gathered the most effective ways to naturally balance your hormones or the most effective ways to maintain your hormonal balance without the use of any medications. Precisely, there are 5 basic ways to naturally balance your hormones.

Ways To Naturally Balance You Hormones -Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing

According to the power of hormones book, your emotions and your hormones are closely connected to each other in the following ways;

ways to naturally balance your hormones
  1. Being afraid or scared affects cortisol levels and can result in problems with your reproductive organs such as kidneys, and adrenal glands.
  2. Frustration, un-forgiveness, and not being patient is connected to an estrogens imbalance and can lead to disease in your liver.
  3. Both worry and anxiety are associated with your insulin levels an can lead to diabetes.

Assuming you are feeling furious or annoyed, stressed, or even overwhelmed, try to practice deep belly breathing for at least 15 to 25 minutes, two times a day. This will certainly help you reduce stress hormones and enhance your overall sense of well being.

Ways To Naturally Balance You Hormones -Go organic

Majority of the pesticides, growth hormones and fertilizers used in foods we consume on a daily basis can wreck your endocrine system. For instance, pesticides often contain xenoestrogens, these are synthetic hormones that brings damage to your internal organs because they copy the natural female hormone estrogen.

ways to naturally balance your hormones

Therefore, the simplest way to bring back your hormonal balance is to change your dietary habits. To change completely from food infected with pesticides or fertilizers to organic foods or vegetables, always check food labels and prevent buying pre-packaged foods. It is also better to discover some good online sellers and purchase organic foods from them.

You can also start enjoying the power of hormones when you start avoiding eating GMO foods because they are often sprayed with glyphosate. This herbicide can lead to hormonal problems and result in depression, infertility, cancer, and even birth defects.

Ways to Naturally Balance Your Hormones –Attempt Seed Cycling

According to the power of hormones book, seed cycling can aid your body balance progesterone and estrogen during the menstrual cycle.

ways to naturally balance your hormones
  1. The follicular phase; you consume 1 tbsp of raw freshly ground flax seeds and 1 tbsp of pumpkin seeds and also take 1500 to 2000 mg of fish oil on a daily basis.
  2. The luteal phase; consume 1 tbsp of raw freshly ground sunflower seeds and 1 tbsp of sesame seeds and consume between 1500 to 2000 mg of evening primrose oil every day.

Assuming you keep seed cycling over a period of about 12 weeks, you should feel that the length of your PMS symptoms has been decreases, that your mood has improved and that you have less menstrual cramps and water retention.

Ways To Naturally Balance You Hormones -Consume Sole

As most of us know that ordinary table salt can be really harmful to the human body especially if consumed in large quantities but do you know that natural salt can actually support your health in many different ways.

This natural alternative to normal salt will certainly help bring back the power of hormones book and lower the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline bring better sleep and boost your energy throughout the day.

To make sole, take a glass jar and fill about quarter of it with pink Himalayan salt. Put water to the jar and gently mix the water and salt and leave it overnight to dissolve properly. Drink this every morning before having anything else.

Ways To Naturally Balance You Hormones -Consume Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs can help bring the power of hormones book into balance and safeguard them from different diseases, including those caused by too much stress. Among adaptogens, you should be aware that you consume the following ones;

ways to naturally balance your hormones
  1. Vitex or chaste tree; this will raise the levels of progesterone and nourish your hypophysis.
  2. Red raspberry; it contains tannins that will relax the muscle in your body and lower other manifestations of stress.
  3. Holy basil; it will help you get rid of anxiety and also emotional stress by bringing balance.
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